Wednesday, August 26, 2009



That is my response to the Chris Brown Verdict.

After he did this?

That little pussy singer a-hole f*cked her up.

And he gets probation.

Way to go Judge. Way to make it okay for small dicked pricks like Chris to beat the living hell out their girlfriends. Thanks Judge Jerkoff.

This is a travesty of justice.

To put the beating into perspective lets look at MMA fighter Frank Mir's Face after his UFC fight against Brock Lesnar.

Mir fought the baddest MMA fighter in the world and yet came out looking better than Rihanna did in the attack that Chris Brown did on her. WTF!

There is nothing that Rihanna could've said or done that provoke such a viscous attack. Nothing. This assault was the workings of a mad man that needed to be taught a lesson. He needed to go to prison so the men there could teach that little pussy that it's not okay to hit a woman. Anally.


I want a restraining order from Chris Brown. I want him to stay at least 100 feet away from my tv set for the rest of my life. If he wants to do a real community service he will stay away from singing and move to Idaho where I don't have to see his ugly pussy wussy little boy with a small penis face anymore.

That would be apology enough.

I hate you Chris!

I hate the smirk on your face as you read your insincere apology from the teleprompter.


Really? Your pea size brain couldn't even try to memorize the lines so you could at least appear to be apologizing. That video made me want to slam you into the side of a car window. You can see at the part when he says he is sorry that he shakes his head no slightly.


God kills Michael Jackson but lets this little cocksucking bastard live?

If I ever run into Chris I would knock him out like I was Brock Lesnar.

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